Steering Committee

Franz Baader President, FroCoS'96 PC co-chair, and co-founder
Silvio Ghilardi FroCoS'09 PC co-chair
Pascal Fontaine FroCoS'13 PC co-chair
Silvio Ranise FroCoS'15 PC co-chair
Renate Schmidt FroCoS'13 PC co-chair
Viorica Sofronie-Stokkermans    FroCoS'11 Conference chair
Cesare Tinelli FroCoS'11 PC chair

Former Members

Alessandro Armando FroCoS'02 PC chair
Bernhard Gramlich FroCoS'05 PC chair
Hélène Kirchner FroCoS'00 PC co-chair
Christophe Ringeissen FroCoS'00 PC co-chair
Roberto Sebastiani FroCoS'09 PC co-chair
Klaus Schulz FroCoS'96 PC co-chair and co-founder
Frank Wolter FroCoS'07 PC chair